Whatsapp old status feature is back after acquiring feedback from app users

Whatsapp, which was basically owned by Facebook, has brought out many changes in the updated version. Whatsapp Status feature got a fresh hire of life with the appearance of the images and videos based statuses, but this conveys the end of the old text status on the app.

With users annoying for their old Whatsapp text status, the Whatsapp firm has at last brought back the text feature which has been removed due to the introduction of new status feature is brought back with respect to the users need Anyhow, the feature is made applicable for Android users as of now, while iPhone users on Whatsapp will acquire it as soon as possible.

Ways to acquire text status back in Whatsapp

However, to get the text status feature in Whatsapp, all users need to do is to get the updated version of the app. Just go to Google Play store and make you need to be clear that the app’s version number is v2.17.107. If the version number is not the same, you need to update the app from Google Play as the app owners have made the app made available openly.

To alter the text status in Whatsapp just click on the three-dot menu on the top left and then go to Settings, About and in the phone number category, you can able to see the old Whatsapp status option back.

It appears with the old default options like ‘Available’, ‘Busy’ and etc. An essential thing to note is it does not disappear in 24 hours. The user’s contact list can able to view the Status message by clicking the contact when making a new conversation thread or examining at group info.

Whatsapp status for iPhones

As stated before, all the Whatsapp users on Android will get the feature at present and iPhone users will also get it as soon as possible. You may not see the trait right away, but it will appear on your Android device within a few days.

While the old text status feature is brought back, it is crucial to note that the new Whatsapp Status stories feature isn’t going elsewhere and will stay constant in an individual tab. The user can even add photos and videos which vanish in 24 hours, just like the Snapchat application.

The tab also archives all the new restoration from user’s contacts in the same manner like you see on Snapchat. Unluckily, there’s no way to destruct this Whatsapp feature entirely.

Independently, Whatsapp is also making steps to test the GIF support on Google’s Gboard keyboard app in the Android beta version, says Android Police reports.

Since Whatsapp has brought in fully developed GIF support a while before; it didn’t function if the user decided to use Google’s Gboard rather than the in-app keyboard. Anyhow, in the latest beta, the user can search for GIFs and send it to a Whatsapp thread using Gboard.

To use this feature instantly user needs to sign up for the beta program and be on the updated beta version. You can even download it straight away from APK Mirror as well.

Whatsapp Status Feature Starts spreading out to the Users Worldwide

Within days of disclosing its renovated ‘Status’ feature, Whatsapp has revealed out to the users worldwide and it was made accessible only in Europe when it was disclosed. The updated Whatsapp feature is applicable on iPhone, Android and Windows and users in India have also earned the new Status feature.

The new Whatsapp feature is the firm’s new approach to employing the users on its messaging platform, and thus will be altering the old text form of status. With the new altered Status feature, the users in Whatsapp can now replace their status into a short video or photos.

With respect to Whatsapp 8th birthday on February 24, the owners of Whatsapp are recreating the status feature says, Jan Koum, CEO, and co-founder of Whatsapp, in a blog post before this week.

With the new feature, users will be made to share photos and videos with friends and contacts on the app. Whatsapp makes sure that relative to chats, the status updates are also peer-to- peer encrypted. The Status messages users disclose will vanish after 24 hours.

Now iPhone, Android, and Windows users can transmit and receive photos, videos and GIFs over Status to add to special moments on their whole day with friends and relatives says, Whatsapp in a statement.

The Product Manager of Whatsapp had told that the new Whatsapp Status merges three actual features like broadcast lists, media sharing, and Status.

Who else can able to view your Status?

Moreover like the last seen feature, the user can even notify whoever can see your new Whatsapp Status with the help of options like my contacts except, and only share with. Whatsapp Status updates established by the user are apparent to all contacts.

Who make changes in their status with a picture or video, will also display the view count on the app. Just tap the eye icon at the bottom of Status update and the user can see a list of contacts to see the update. Moreover, the feature will need the user to set up Read Receipts.

When Read Receipts is not active, Whatsapp notes could not see views as you disabled Read Receipts in the privacy settings. The rollout also sees the adding up of Camera tab on the left, designated with a camera symbol. By this method, users can easily shoot photos or record videos to use for Status updates or share it often with their contacts.

The updated Whatsapp Status takes a hint from Snap chat’s Stories and is being seen as the firm’s first step to moving away from the old messaging app that is being replaced. The renovated Status also seems to be encouraged by Face book’s alteration in profile and cover pictures which disclose other users.

Whatsapp Status brings a lot of private touch to the Status change as friends and families on the Whatsapp app will be informed about the new status but the user will acquire replies secretly. On Facebook and Instagram reaction are made apparent to everyone.

After a lot of negative comments from the user over the elimination of the old Status feature, Whatsapp has determined to acquire it back. The old Whatsapp Text Status was first seen in the ‘About’ section and now Whatsapp has personally accustomed its arrival. The IM app declared to TechCrunch that the old Status feature will be restored.

Every Whatsapp users on Android will acquire the feature by the next week and iPhone users will acquire it soon. We witnessed from our users that people lost the chance to set a determined text-only update in their profile, so the app developers combined this feature into the ‘About’ section with the help of profile settings.

Now, the update will arrive next to profile names whenever you view contacts, like when making a new chat or appearing at Group info.  Moreover, we’re enduring to develop on the new Status feature which gives the users fun and alluring ways to share photos, videos and GIFs with their friends and family all over the day, the firm said in a statement to the statement.

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