What to Look For When Hiring Security Guards

Though we might not always spend an awful lot of time thinking about it, security guards do have an important role to play in society. In fact, it is one of the most highly respected roles too, due to its nature. After all, it is not easy. There is no sitting at a desk for eight hours of the day. The risks and dangers of the job are all too real and not out of a Mission Impossible movie. Needless to say, these people put their lives on the line every single day. However, it must be done and if you are looking to protect your home or office, there are a few things to look out for when hiring security guards.


No matter how burly or tough he/she might be, it really is pointless if you cannot communicate. You want to make sure that you and your guard are able to discuss issues and mitigate problems easily. The last thing you want is to sit around translating when you have so much else to do. Besides, in case of an emergency, you really cannot be running about trying to decipher what is being said. You need to act fast so clear communication is without a doubt, an important part of the process.

Dedication to Their Job

This means not slacking off and maintaining a professional attitude at all times. Even when you think there is no one around. Security guards in particular need to be staunch and expressionless. How else would they deter crime otherwise? This is not something that can be taught actually. It is something that needs to come from within. For instance, just because one enrols in security courses Melbourne, does not make them immediately suitable for the job. They really have to understand what is required of them and deliver accordingly. Since the job in itself is not easy, a lot of thinking here is necessary.


Neither of the above two points would be of any use if the individual is not competent in their job. That is to say, unable to execute his/her responsibilities accordingly. Security guards especially, need to be highly competent. Even if someone you are hiring has had years of experience, that does not always mean they are good at what they do. Maybe they spent their time lazing about and just accumulated the years. After a chat and getting to know the person, you will soon be able to judge whether they are up to the task. The bigger the protection needed, the more competent he/she has to be.


A security guard that goes behind his/her employers back is no good. You want them to be reliable, trustworthy and dependable. There is really no use having a security guard otherwise. If they go behind your back only to let in the very people you have been trying to keep out, then that defeats the whole purpose. Here, your best judgement would be made with your gut instinct. Where your brain fails to efficiently evaluate the situation, your sixth sense comes into play. Make sure you can trust the person. That is most important.

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