What is ivf treatment and How does it work?

The What is ivf treatment is a process of fertility treatment in which eggs and sperms are combined together in a laboratory and placed in the uterus through the cervix. During this process eggs and sperms get together on a glass dish and egg is fertilized by the sperm. IVF is basically the original test tube baby technique. This is the highly demanded fertility treatment. This treatment helps women to get pregnant if you are facing problem to conceive a baby.

treatment helps women to get pregnant

How does it work?

Here is the step by step information that how this treatment works.

  • Ovarian stimulation:- Whenever you start getting this treatment they start giving you a fertility drug that helps you to produce number of mature eggs and not only one. This drug is given near the beginning of your mensuration cycle for 8 to 15 days.

Ovarian stimulation

  • Follicle development monitoring: – Get your hormons level checked when you start taking these drugs. This will check the Follicle development that isthe fluid-filled sacs where eggs mature.

Follicle development monitoring

  • Eggs and sperm collection:- Throughvaginal ultrasound procedure they collect your eggs. It is an 30 minutes procedure. patient is given anesthesia. How many eggs are going to collect can be different depending upon the patients. And after giving eggs you can go home after a couple of hours.
  • Next step is sperm collection. While the procedure of collecting eggs your partner can produce sperms. Man can produce sperm through surgical sperm recovery.

Eggs and sperm collection


  • Fertilization and embryo Transfer: – Fertilization process is that when sperm meets with egg. Fertilization is successful or not this is checked the day after insemination. Success is ensured when fertilized egg has two pro-nuclei. This shows that one is containing maternal DNA and other one is of paternal DNA. This embryo is transferred between 3 to 6 days. There is an authorized group for this named Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) and they allow maximum two embryosto be transferred.

Fertilization and embryo Transfer


  • Pregnancy: – There are two ways to confirm your pregnancy. Either pregnancy test which might need to be done 3-4 times. After that you will go through pregnancy scan. This pregnancy test will be done after 15 to 20 days of transferring process. If the pregnancy is confirm then you will go for the checkup that everything is alright or not. If heart beat is visible the pregnancy is confirmed. If the pregnancy is not confirmed then you should go to consult what should be done as next step.


Best infertility specialist in India: –

India has number of IVF centers for you people. About which any person get details online, mentioning best infertility specialist in India. Indian is no less than any other developed country now. Indian doctors & specialist are also very capable of providing high tech maternity treatment that ensures the pregnancy in most of the cases. Sometime it can have some side effect but the chances are very low for that.

This is a high tech maternity treatment that ensures the pregnancy in most of the cases. Sometime it can have some side effect but the chances are very low for that.

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