Visa Application Checklist in Australia for Students

Australians are internationally acclaimed for their high end lifestyle and not to forget the picturesque landscapes giving you the perfect tourism. The Terra Australis has so much to offer to the world and especially to students from technological expertise to world class infrastructure and the excellent healthcare as well.

So what exactly are you required to know so that you don’t face the question mark but receive a warm welcome from the country?

Let’s begin by understanding the types of student visas so that you don’t apply for an incorrect one.

The Australian student visa can be categorized as follows:

  • Sub Class 500– student Visa
  • Sub class 590– Student Guardian visa
  • Sub class 402– Training and research visa
  • Sub class 485– Temporary Graduate Visa

Now that you know which visa form to select, here is the common for all student visa application check list for Australia:

  • Visa application form (157A)
  • Letter of offer
  • English Language proficiency test results
  • Criminal record check results
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Health insurance cover

You must be now wondering about the factors considered during the assessment of your Australian student visa. It is basically your English language proficiency, sufficient finances to support your study and stay in the country, supporting documents proving your pre-requisite schooling or graduation, age proof certificates along with other fulfilling conditions for visa.

Please note that your Australian student visa lasts for the duration of your study course including the holidays.

The good news is that the processing time for Australian student visa usually takes 4 to 5 weeks as the online applications are considered and processed quite swiftly!

For more data, visit the closest of the 21 branch workplaces of The Chopras Global Education organization for insights with respect to Australia student visa. Living and lifestyle of Australian University and the country’s overall population is amazingly understudy welcoming. An understudy starting from any bit of the world will adequately alter themselves for that the credit entire goes to the country’s social contrasts.

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