Top Tips to Choosing Your Wedding Party

Your wedding is undoubtedly one of the best and most special milestones of your life. Naturally you will want it to be an impeccable occasion where everyone will enjoy to the core and have the time of their life.

It is true that arranging a wedding party can be quite an overwhelming task.  You have to decide the date, the venue, the guest list, the food, the dress, the cake and so on. But very few are more vital than deciding your wedding party.

It can seem like a challenge, at first, to choose the wedding party but everything will fall into place if you start early and follow a plan. Remember being in a wedding party can involve a fair amount of expense and responsibility. That is why you should ensure that everyone knows clearly what you are expecting of them.

As soon as you have fixed the date, you should start naming your attendants. This way you will have ample time to plan. Try to invite people for your wedding in such a way so that they can say no graciously if they want to. Do not insist on instant answers. If someone is unable to provide the included cost, offer to help imperceptibly, if you can. So here are some tips to help you make the choice.

  • Maid of Honor – Usually the sister, who happens to be almost of the same age to you, is the matron or maid of honor. But these days you can ask anyone whom you wish for to be your maid of honor. It can be your friend, an adult child, sister and even your parent or grandparent. In case, the bride has a brother the she can appoint him with some more masculine duties. If you are unable to choose between two then there is no hard and fast rule that you can choose just one. You can go ahead and choose both. There are a plethora of duties that the maid of honor has to perform. So it is better that you cast the duty to someone who will happily accept the task.
  • Bridesmaids – Apart from the family and the friends, the bride’s team can also involve at least one of the sisters of the groom. The young teenagers and the older girls can join the party as bridesmaids. They assist the maid of honor to plan the shower and bachelorette party and also with other responsibilities like keeping a gift log at the shower or securing hotel rooms for the guests. They purchase the dress that you, as a bride, have suggested and get them fitted. If they are wearing something of their choice they have to ensure the color and specifications that you have mentioned.
  • The Best Man – At one point, any of the groom’s brother was the only person who could have been the best man. But nowadays, anyone can be the best man provided he is close to the groom and is willing to perform the required duties. He has a host of tasks to perform. He is the bachelor-party planner and helps the groom select his tuxedos. Not only that, he ensures that the groom reaches the wedding on time. During the ceremony he stands by the groom, calms his nerves, holds the ring of the bride and signs the marriage certificate.
  • Groomsmen – In this case, the groom would want people with whom he is comfortable with. One brother or brothers of the bride make a great inclusion in the team. They help to host the celebrations that occur prior to the wedding. They have an extensive role to play in the bachelorette party too.
  • Flower Girl and Ring Bearer – If you are quite close to a child then you may also include him or her in your wedding party. However, you have to understand that you cannot expect these children to behave like adults. But the ring bearer as well as the flower girl must not be less than 4 years old and should be able to handle their responsibility in the ceremony. A kid who is too fidgety or too shy may not be able to tackle the spotlight well. That is why, you should make sure to ask the parents if they think whether the child will be able to manage.

The above are some of the ways you can choose your wedding party.  Apart from your best friends and well-wishers, you will also require a professional and proficient party planning company to make sure that everything goes according to plan. This way neither you nor your party will lose their sleep over getting everything up to the order and meticulous execution of all the duties. You have got backup and a strong one. That is why, even if anyone of you have missed something, there will be experts who will be able to manage everything and make them fall into place while you can just enjoy and have a great time.

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