The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring for Your Wedding Rings

Your wedding ring is something beautiful. It is a representation of the love you and your spouse share or feel for one another. When the time finally comes, it could be that you spend years dreaming of the perfect set of wedding rings. Since it would be a permanent fixture on your left hand, a natural thing is to make sure that it stays sparkly and shiny for years to come.

You should know that taking care of your wedding ring is not a difficult or terrible task, provided you know what you must do to keep it looking brand new through the years. From where to store your ring, what chemicals to avoid read on below to for some of the best tips on how you can care for your wedding ring. After all, your wedding ring has to last forever, just like your marriage should last a lifetime!

Do Purchase Insurance

When you finally purchase your wedding ring, maybe from a top retailer or an online one such as Aida Design US, your number one priority or “must-do” task should be to purchase insurance. While nothing else has the power to replace the value of your wedding ring, if you have it appraised properly and insured for its replacement value, you will be covered if ever it gets lost, damaged, or stolen. Just take your time to search for the right insurance because some companies could offer you much more than others, so it’s worth doing some homework.

Don’t Take Off Your Ring in a Public Restroom

Washing your hands in a public restroom is a must, but you need to resist your temptation to remove your wedding ring while you lather up your hands. The risk here is the possibilities that you may leave your ring on the edge of the hand wash sink, worse even drop it down through the drain. This is a great risk that surely you wouldn’t be willing to take!

Do Take it off Sometimes

Although you may feel like you never want to the diamond wedding ring off, it is a good idea to take it off once in a while. The best times to do so is when you work out in the gym, laundry, dishwashing, household tasks, and other activities that could put some stress on your ring. Keep in mind that such activities could stretch your ring, loosen the delicate settings, and eventually compromise its quality and appearance.

Don’t Wash Your Ring with Harsh Chemicals

It could be that you decide to wash your rings to restore its sparkle and decide to use some bleach to wash it. However, this is not a good idea. When you decide to clean your ring, avoid using harsh chemicals. Sometimes, bleach and some other chemicals can dull the finish of your ring and actually harm the appearance of the diamonds.

Do Store it safely

If ever you decide to put off your ring for some time, you need to find a safe place to store it. It is advisable that you keep it in a clean and dry place like a fabric lined case for jewelry, or in a divider with soft lining to prevent any scratches on the ring. It is also a smart choice to dedicate a specific spot to keep it while you cook or carry on with other activities in your home.

Don’t Let Dirt Get into It

When it comes to jewelry maintenance, there are a lot of home remedies, but you need to be careful because some solutions are not suitable for diamonds and metals. To clean your rings, you can use a mixture of a few drops of dish detergent in warm water (not hot). Give your ring sometime and let it soak into the solutions for some time. Use a soft toothbrush to rinse it and place it in the lukewarm water again. Bring it out and let it dry for some time or use a soft cloth but be careful to not snag the prongs.

When you follow these dos and don’ts, you can increase your chance of saving your wedding ring for more years to come!  Make sure that you buy from a reputable store and choose metals and diamonds based on their weight and quality.

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