Talking the Tyre talk: Pay attention to what tyres are saying!

Communication is an essential part of life; pivotal to success and happiness. While we communicate daily with our family members, peers, colleagues, friends and neighbors; have you ever considered what’s it like talking to a truck tyre or what’s it saying?

By tyre talk, it means particular sounds, noise and squeaks that can be a sign of looming danger if you remain ignorant. Apparently, a powerful truck tyre don’t just carry you from a place to another but you actually haul a load of stuff that can be anything from a simple box to, perhaps another vehicle being shipped! Let’s familiarise ourselves with tyre noise and what they mean.

The tyre noise

It certainly isn’t music to ears! While tyres do give some amount of noise due to rolling on the road surface and trapped air within the tread pattern, this air when released also creates noise. Manufacturers today are emphasising to minimise the truck tyre noise by optimising the tread patterns as well as introducing new, innovative technologies.

The EU Tyre Labelling Legislation takes into account the external factors of tyre noise being an important parameter in labelling. All in all, efforts are being taken every day to minimise the tyre noise so that you can enjoy a smooth and safer ride. Have a look at other noises that may come along!


Squealing sound is obvious when maneuvering the car into tighter parking spots but does it appear from the front wheels! Well, not necessarily but it’s probably an indication that tyres are under inflated and don’t be fooled by simple visual inspection. Even normal looking tyres have been found to be severely under inflated during tyre pressure check.


Most people believe squeal and squeak are the same however both are poles apart! A possible squeaking can be heard when front tyre experience uneven wear. If you’ve recently heard a typical squeak, don’t play idle and head to a car repairs service ASAP.

Squeak & rattle

When you experience a rattle along with squeak, it means you’re suffering from a loose wheel cap/cover. As the truck tyre Dubai revolves, the loose wheel cover also moves along giving a certain squeak and shudder.

Metallic grinding with brake

Worn brake drums or calipers give a metallic sound which is something not to be taken lightly. If your vehicle happens to release such noise every time you pull the brake, have it checked immediately. Ignorance may result in imminent failure of the braking mechanism causing a fatal accident while driving so do pay attention.

Rumble & vibrate

A low rumbling followed by a coarse vibration that feels as if driving on marbles indicate that wheel bearing has seen its days! If this is happening to your vehicle, have the car inspected immediately by a professional as the noise would increase along with the speed.


While a Falken tire may release many other sounds, the above are a few most common that you should pay attention to. Whether light or a deep humming, have the tyres inspected at professional!

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