Most Interesting Hong Kong Attractions For Cultural Travelers

Hong Kong is a fascinating cultural hub that displays the vibrant hues of Chinese culture in the form of its monuments, flavors, and festivals. The city is home to a large number of temples and monasteries by means of which the locals hold on to their traditional roots. The colorful heritage is well depicted by the lively street markets, the dragon boat races, and the beautiful lanterns that light up the night sky. If you wish to experience the true culture of this region, then here are some sights and activities that you must include in your Hong Kong itinerary.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Adorning the banks of the Shing Mun River is the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, which displays a wide variety of historical artifacts from the diverse cultural past of the city. There are replicas of medieval villages, activity zones for kids, as well as an opera house that plays the classic movies with English subtitles. There is also an entire exhibition dedicated to Bruce Lee, which showcases the relics of the Kung Fu hero. The museum houses various permanent displays of the masterpieces of Chinese artists as well as temporary exhibitions on a range of interesting themes.

The Taste Of Local Cuisine

The fine balance of sweet, sour, savory, and spicy flavors of the street food of Hong Kong is proof that the culture is a combination of local customs as well as the influences of various travelers that settled down in the city. As you stroll through the streets you will be greeted by several hawkers selling delicious goodies such as fish balls, egg tarts, and piping hot dim sums. The taste at no two stalls will be exactly the same because the items are prepared on a small scale by the vendors themselves. This is one city where your stomach will be satisfied throughout your stay.

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Big Buddha And Po Lin Monastery

One of the most iconic symbols of Hong Kong is the Po Lin Monastery that was inaugurated in the 1920’s and has still managed to preserve some of the original buildings from that era. This monastery is not just a place of religious significance but is also a marvel of architecture, with intricately decorated halls and sculptures. The most popular attraction on the premises is the statue of the Big Buddha, a 34 meters tall sculpture of the seated Buddha. This glorious statue adds a mystical element to the monastery and the serene environment soothes the soul.

Traditional Hong Kong Massage Therapy

Massage is an important part of Hong Kong culture and its traditional form has been developed and practiced for centuries. These massage techniques are believed to restore the harmonious flow of energy throughout the system. This will not only relieve the sore muscles but also to induce a state of complete calm. There are numerous massage centers and spas scattered across the city that emanate the relaxing fragrance of essential oils and the wispy smoke of the incense sticks. Experiencing the traditional Hong Kong massage therapy is a must experience for the first time visitors who would like to get close to the traditional side of this wonderful city.

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If you wish to submerge yourself in the local culture of Hong Kong, all you need to do is step onto the streets or head over to the magnificent monasteries. Hong Kong possesses a unique character, marked by a heady aroma, brilliant colors, and spectacular sights. Indulging in these activities will allow you to enjoy the intriguing facets of Hong Kong in the best manner possible.

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