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Check the list of month wise gardening tips to grow your plants in your garden. We have figured out all the important tips and tricks for flower gardening. It will help to bloom your garden. Here are the 12 months season-by-season flower planting tips, please check it here under. If you are thinking to Buy Flowers Online in Australia, you have come to the exact place. We are at your service to provide the freshest flowers online delivery service.



January is the winter season and it is a time for blooming beautiful flowers in the garden. You can plant rose, geraniums and perennials. This is the perfect time to make to décor the outdoor garden. Order the seeds or plants blooms in the January or February month. Recycle your Christmas tree with mulch. Order perennials or shrubs seeds this year for better yields. Geraniums grow better in the winter season. You can place it on the window side where full sun shine appears for 5 to 6 hours a day. In January flower needs 70 to 75 degree temperature for perfect blooming. The sunny spot is the best place for flower garden. Prepare the mulch and use sand for better absorption of water. Don’t water it daily, water it one day after. The soil must be matched with the flower needs. You can call the nursery expert to make your flower garden.


It is a good time to grow indoor seeds to for the March and April outdoor garden. February season is the tough season for plantation. Shrubs and wines like Azalea, Carolina jessamine and Rhododendrons are the perfect flower to grow in the outdoor and indoor garden. Sunny shade area is a good place for growing such types of flower plant. Spring flowering perennials, bare root ornamentals such as roses and shade trees are suitable for the better enjoyment of plantation.  Use drought tolerant plants that require less water to grow.


For this late winter and early spring weather proper techniques is required for digging and planting the garden. it is the time to prune the ornamental grasses and perennials. You can choose bare-root roses to grow in the later months. Coral bells, bleeding heart, astilbe, garden phlox, aster dianthus and viola are all are warm season edible plants. You can repot houseplants with new mulch and cut back leggy plants for the better growth. You can also opt for the bluebells and daffodils grow better in the indirect sun light place. Citrus, roses and established trees grow actively in the month of March.


You can plan to plant hardier summer bulbs in the April. Planting nasturtium and calendula in drifts also grow well in the warmer season. Hot pink dianthus is the perfect flower bed bares the hot weather. Snowflake viburnum, succulants bright yellow daylilies are drought tolerant plants and grow in grade in late month of April. Come to us and send flowers online. Visit to our online florist shop and get the same day flowers delivery service from here.


Gardening is a merry thing to do. May is the time to plant flower of dream. Gladiolas, Lilies, Dahlias, Cannas and other drought tolerant bulbs can be planted in this sunny season. Primeroses, coral bells, delphinium, day lilies, and carnations are other beautiful flower plant that can bare the sun light. Water regularly twice a day and give everything which is needed to grow. Overheating can damage to plants. Provide the net shade and protect your plants from direct sunlight hit.


June is the best time to prepare hanging baskets, pots and containers for making flower garden. June month of calendar is the good option to delight the garden space. You can pick any annuals like Fuchsias, Geraniums, Cosmos, Prime roses, Arabis and perennials are flowers that easily grow in the humid weather. This is a great month of showing colorful garden growing at their best.


Here you can hit for annuals, perennials and bulbs bare the sun hit. Grow drought tolerant plants which are easy to grow and no more water is required for this. Pansies, Calendula, Armenia are acceptable for july month gardening. Prepare mulch and fertilize the container gardens. Use bare root roses and to grow by the end of the month. In the snow fall weather cover your garden with plastic bags or with netting. Keep watching the insects and disease appears on the flower. Use water soluble fertilizer for good growth of flowers.


In august weather catches hot weather. This time most flower plants requires good amount of water. Some flowers bare the enough summer hit. In August afternoon’s Russian sage, Black-eyed sussan, Threadleaf tickseed, Yarrow, annuals, perennials and bulbs are the sun resistant flowers. Sunflower, Butterfly Bush, Cosmos, Fuchsia, Agapanthus are all the flowers that perk your mood. Just keep deadheading and harvesting your flower and leave or cut the diseased foliage.


Annuals, perennials and bulbs are all set to grow in every season. There are some interesting spring flowers that can bloom in the September month. Crocuses blooms in the hot temperature. It comes in vivid colors to make colorful spots at the garden. Lilium is also one wonder flower that can grow well in the month of September. Ilium lily fragrant and ranges height from 18 inches to 12 feet long. In the fall garden Sedum grows well. There are more than 400 varieties of this flower is available. White and Pink flowers are the hot favorite flowers of this season. So here are the lists of flowers that can brighten up your garden space.


Design your garden in October season with lance-leaved Goldenrod, asterm chrysanthemum, pansies who can help to make your garden the best. Fall is a beautiful season to achieve the colorful garden. Annuals, pansies enjoy moderate climates. Chrysanthemums never look so beautiful as bloom in October. Aster is known as a fall flowers and it continue to bloom in the October month. England aster is favorite one of all to adore the window garden. The weather is not too cold not so warm so this is the perfect time to plan for the winter garden.


You can bloom the garden with beautiful perennials. Shrubs, annuals and flower bulbs also a great deal to enjoy gardening. November is the early spring period and you get enough time to accept your flower roots to develop and grow. Sow delphinium, digitalis, lupines, bi-annuals in the greenhouse. So till the New Year you can enjoy flowery garden before winter hits. Plan to protect your plants from cold by protecting them with leaves or compost.


December is the month to set your winter flower garden. Annuals, perennials, bulbs, bare-root roses, sasanqua camellia, chaparral currant, fragrant sarcocoa blossom in the December month. It is a time to spring bulbs. But we can expect some snow, so it is mandatory to protect the plants from snow fall. cover them with the metal shed or plastic bags to protect them from the frost damage. Start pruning and clipping before the birds damage to them. Check the garden tools clean them and oil them.

Gardening is a favorite pastime of everyone loves to grow plants. Enjoy gardening with our flower gardening tips. We have given a month wise flowering tips to encourage you towards gardening. You can visit the local nurseries and here you will get all types of information about seasonal flower gardening ideas. There are so many online flowers gardening sites work for the people to bloom the garden area. You can buy and order flower seeds or flower plants from there. Hope you like our tips and share with others too.

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