How to celebrate the first birthday of your child?

Whether you are planning an intimate gathering of your friends, or family the first birthday of your little one is going to be all the more special. There are plenty of good cake shops in Mumbai and you can opt for an extraordinary flavour from them. The first birthday bash is a special occasion for the parents as well as the friends. But the sad aspect is that the baby will not remember the party and be bowled over it. But that does not mean that you will not have fun and if you scroll across the list of bakeries in Mumbai, most of them have packages designed for the same.

The baby will be fearful of strangers along with the new environment which they are likely to be part of. Despite taking a liking for the other babies they will not be able to play with them. She is likely to enjoy individual attention which is likely to make them laugh. All these factors often convince the parents to opt for a low budget party or a small gathering of your near or dear ones to be precise. But no matter on how many guests you have, one thing for sure is that your kids will require a lot of attention to be precise. This is true if they are burdened by a lot of well-wishers at the same time

According to estimates that have emerged, most parents in case of the first birthday party of their little one spend over the moon. The amount that you spend is up to you, and this depends on what type of party you are looking for the child. Keep in mind that food is the main thing followed by decorations and the cake. The bakeries in Mumbai have packages in place, where the interests of clients are placed on top of the agenda. Do not be drawn into the fact that spend more than what is required at this age. One thing that you need to keep in mind is small is beautiful on all counts.’

Your baby will be taking a morning or an afternoon nap when the birthday celebrations are in full swing. It is best to plan the birthday around nap times as far as possible. If you are inviting young guests, do check the nap times with their family members as well. Do not plan the birthday party for more than an hour as at this age it is more than enough. Home is the best place to host a party and it is the area where you baby will be more secure. But if the home is small to accommodate a large number of guests you can consider a social hall or a community centre. If the weather is nice you can plan it in a park as well, provided if you have the necessary permission.

Keep the food simple as a lot of it would end up in the floor itself. Some of them may have teeth whereas others may not be that much lucky. Their main objective is to play around and as far as food is concerned plan a variety of dishes to cater to the tastes of the young buds. In case of beverages serve milk and water.

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