Help Your Child in Language Development via the Right Channel

How a child learns to understand and speak words remains a mysterious process. Children have a natural gift to absorb language from their environment. As long as parents expose their child to some language in their early life they often learn how to read, speak, and write the language in its different forms. It is not easy to understand exactly why, but this is a fact. The best way a parent could open this window of opportunity is through Milton Montessori learning, which is usually the “sensitive period,” of a child’s life. Through a good Montessori school, the brain functions, critical thinking, and early phase of a kids life gets a good shape and hence encourages their language development as well.

These days, parents end up encouraging their children to sit in front of the television, but this is an unacceptable substitute for language development because you can find that language development must have a connection to emotions for the child to understand the language spoken to them. So how does enrolling your child in the best Montessori schools in Atlanta prompt their language development skills?

Helps to Shape “Spoken Language”

When it comes to verbal language, a Montessori system can facilitate the acquisition process. Usually, at the age of three, parents are encouraged to send their child to an environment that is well equipped and often rich with facilities that offer the child a rich oral language experience. A Montessori school does this by adjusting the environment to suit the child both physically and mentally by setting up human interactions, encouraging them to express their emotions, learn about new objects and try to learn them. For example, through coloring, or easy puzzles, a child learns about a particular object and teachers in the environment encourage them to say the words aloud. Well-trained teachers encourage children to develop an ordered, strong, logical, and gracious voice through interactions.

Introduction to the Symbols of Language

In a Montessori environment, teachers use two primary pedagogical materials to teach children the sounds that every letter makes, how they can use those letters or sounds together to create the words. These include the sandpaper letters and the moveable alphabets. With the sandpaper letters, a child is able to trace out the letter of each alphabet while they say its sound at the same time and not its name. On the other hand, the movable alphabets allow them to put those sounds and symbols together to create words before they get hold of a paper and pencil. This is where spoken language comes in to encourage children to practice saying new words.

Rich Oral Language Experiences

One of the benefits of Montessori preschool education system is that a child commonly learns how to write first before he learns how to read. It is an observation that a child finds it less difficult to construct a word that he is thinking of rather than reading. This is because a child finds reading as an additional difficult dimension. To encourage reading, Montessori systems encourage children to take part in sound games that read out words. A child listens to that sound and learns to break down words into sounds.  As days go by, teachers encourage them to play with moveable alphabets. This helps them to construct words and be able to read them. Some classrooms also create a rich environment by keeping replicas of objects for children to identify and then write down the names of the objects to learn. After some time, teachers encourage children to identify words through labels next to objects. Through this exercise, the child learns that reading is a form of silent communication.

The truth is that the quantity and quality of language exposure a child receives to during their sensitive period affects their brain organization and language skills. Thus, it is critical for parents who should often talk to their child, give them a good variety of vocabulary and send them to a reputable Montessori school.

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