Enjoy the summer with chilling ice cream cakes

Ice cream cakes are normally mouth-watering and yummy that incorporates ice-cream and some other ingredients like butter, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, sugar, crunchy chocolate. They are furnished with nutty chocolates, icings and whipped cream which is used to do frosting. Order Cakes in Sikar, is very feasible job it will provide cake at optimum time duration. It has 24/7 availability. As Jodhpur bakers offers numerous flavours of ice-cream cake with good taste and fastest delivery.

Various flavours of ice cream cake

Chocolate fudge ice-cream cake

As many of us likes chocolate and ice-cream both, chocolate fudge ice- cream cake gives the taste of chocolate and ice-cream. They are very simple to make as it contains chocolate ice- cream chocolate fudge, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice-cream, cookie crumbs and Chocó chips. It is generally decorated with chocolate sauce, dry fruits, nuts and small nutty chocolates. Some fudge ice cream cakes with different flavours-

  • Fudge ice- cream dessert
  • OREO fudge ice- cream cake
  • Hot fudge ice-cream cake
  • Cherry chocolate ice-cream cake.

Kitkat candy bar ice- cream cake

Kitkat candy bar ice- cream cake is a delicious triple layered cake. It is extremely easy to make. Kitkat candy bar chocolate cake is made with the combination of several ingredients like small kitkat candy bars, scoops of vanilla ice-cream, creamy wafers, hot fudge sauce, magical chocolate shell and generally decorated with Colourful gems, nutty chocolates and choco chips. Kitkat candy bar ice-cream cake can be made with different flavours of ice-cream.

OREO ice- cream cake

OREO ice-cream cake is a scrumptious cake made with the composition of various ingredients such as- cookie crumbs, chocolate fudge, scoops of ice-cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and is furnished with nutty chocolates, icings, and nuts. It can be made with different flavours-

  • OREO bookie ice-cream cake.
  • OREO fudge ice-cream cake.

Almond – crunch ice- cream cake

Chilled almond crunch ice-cream cake is generally very extravagant and simple to make. It contains ingredients like pure almond extract, vanilla extract, granulated sugar, whipped cream, amaretto and it is garnished with icings, chocolate toppings, Chocó nuts.

7 layer ice- cream cake

7 layer ice-cream cakes is relatively ordered for wedding ceremonies and big events. It is made with some ingredients like scoops of vanilla ice- cream, vanilla extract, egg whites, chopped cookies, raspberry sorbet and decorated with Chocó chips, chocolate sauce, icings. Several seven layer ice- cream cake-

  • Grape nut ice cream cake
  • Blue moon ice cream cake
  • Mint chocolate chip
  • Pistachio ice cream chip
  • Raspberry Ripley ice cream cake

Brownie ice- cream cake

Brownie ice cream is generally a formation of chocolate ice- cream cake. It usually contains dark chocolate, hot chocolate fudge, sugar, chocolate chip ice cream, eggs, condensed milk, and white toppings and garnished with chocolate sauce, icings, and small nutty chocolates. The Brownie chocolate cake consists of two layers, rich chocolate drizzle and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

All the flavours of ice- cream cakes are easily available to customers and the transport facility is available very frequently whenever you want to have Online cake Delivery in Sikar.

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